Hi ya! 

This is my beloved, adopted expression from my favorite, favorite—did I mention favorite—city in the world, London.

My name is Tracey, a.k.a. The Thrifting Magpie.

My life has been a bit like a magpie’s, flitting from one shiny opportunity to the next…

Beginning with living in Prague for four years as a Boho expat. This sounds much more romantic and glamorous than the reality of little money, hotdogs and cheap—albeit the best—beer in the world for far too many meals and living in a one room studio with no kitchen sink or oven.

However, it was in Prague that I got my start as a fashion stylist and event producer. I couldn’t believe that me, ME, the girl from a one stoplight town, convinced a British designer to hold his first fashion show in Prague and I somehow managed to get Sky Television to fly in to cover it.

And it was in The Golden City that I fell in deeply, madly, crazy in love.

I went to London for work and found my soul city.

After I tired of the Boho life, which was really more Hobo, I moved back to the States and worked as the model booker for a large East Coast based department store. Fly to New York on a monthly basis with a per diem and lots of fancy dinners and nights out on the town? Yes, please. And I get a paycheck? Bonus!

There was a stint in Miami, then some freelance writing, including a column where I laid bare all my fashion disasters, wardrobe malfunctions and general mode (and life) mistakes. I also worked as a fashion stylist.

The next shiny opportunity came when I became a shop (co) owner. It was an upscale consignment shop. I loved helping women. It wasn’t about making sales; it was about finding the right wardrobe for my customers’ bodies and lifestyles.

After a few years, I stopped being a shopkeeper so I could become a student again. In London! Three things could be checked off my bucket list: get my M.A., write a book and live in London Town.

I got my M.A. I wrote that book (fingers crossed it will be read by a wider audience than my professor, best friend and significant other).

Which brings me to the present. I feel like a lucky ducky.

I’m pursuing my two loves, fashion & writing in my two beloved places, Virginia & London.

I have my Etsy shop, The Thrifting Magpie, where I want to find lovely homes for my finds and develop real relationships with my customers, bringing the same level of attention and customer service I had in my bricks and mortar store to my online shop.

And, there’s this blog, which I hope can be a place where you can connect, relate, share & find thrifty (and thrifting) tips, fabulous finds and creative inspiration.

Birds of a thrifty nature flock together.