10 October 2014

Fashion & Art

It's been forever and a day since my last post (and specifically that translates to ONE year, TWO months and FOUR days). That's right, I'm publicly blog shaming myself.

So what could get me to put fingers to keyboard and tip tap away?

American fashion royalty and a performance artist.

A few nights ago, I made the discoveries about both.

First, I got an email that my automated tweet of a 1960s Jackie Kennedy-esque gown and matching jacket (seen below)


had been favorited by none other than Jackie Kennedy's younger sister Lee Radziwill!

Here's the proof:

When Lee Radziwill favors a tweet, well you got to brag blog.

Next, in my style surfing I stumbled upon the fashion collaboration between artist Miranda July and Welcome Companions on a limited edition namesake 'Miranda' bag, which is sold as a functional bag and as a piece of art (still a functional purse) which has been 'Mirandized' with labeled compartments & corresponding items, such as 'Multi Purposed Cards' with accompanying cards to help in different situations and 'Almond In Case of Low Blood Sugar' complete with actual almond in the holder.

Here's the bag:


And a detailed description of the interior:

And here's an AWESOME video of Miranda July describing her Miranda bag and its contents:


The woman writes, directs, creates apps, and if that wasn't enough, she now has the occupation of handbag designer to add to her resume.

(Not making me feel too good about the blogging delay.)

So why did I get so excited about Miranda July and the Miranda bag? I recognized her name and it wasn't from one of her many artistic endeavors.

Miranda July, Miranda July.....I racked my brain and then my aha moment came:

Miranda July had recently purchased a beautiful Yves Saint Laurent two piece silk animal print from TheThriftingMagpie:

This isn't about name dropping.....guess who liked my tweet and who bought from me..... (well, okay, there is a bit of ego involvement).

What it really, truly is, is inspiration for me.

Lee Radziwill is an American style icon. She is fashion.

Miranda July is a creator in many different genres. She's an artist.

Both Lee Radziwill and Miranda July have each made an impact on the world, making it more beautiful through their expressions of creativity.

Fashion is art. It is an expression of beauty and is a reflection of the world.

One of the ways that I express my creativity is through my shop The Thrifting Magpie. I love finding my 'finds' and sharing them with the world. And I am beyond thrilled that my finds were found by both of these creative women and they liked them.

Cue Sally Field circa the 1984 Oscars, 'You like me, right now, you like me.'


p.s. I really hope Miranda wears her 'Miranda' bag with her YSL outfit. That really would be beyond!

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